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 Basic Rules of Elemental Damage

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PostSubject: Basic Rules of Elemental Damage   Thu 13 Sep 2007, 7:40 pm

Basic Rules: ElementalDamage is a linkshell that needs to keep its members close and have everyoe possible show up to as many events as possible. ElementalDamage is not going to be strict in a sense that you must show up to EVERY event we do. I want everyone to know that real life is more important the FFXI and ElementalDamage. If you have a real life situation, by all means, take care of it. If there is an event scheduled for a certain day, and you r online, I EXPECT you to be there, unless you have made arrangements with me or one of the other leaders beforehand. Also, if you dont have access to that area, you will be excused from the event.

What we will be focussing on: Our main goal is to work on mid-game events such as ZM and CoP. We want everyone to get to sky ASAP but we will also be focussing on the long road to sea. Also, make posts in the forum about where u r, when ur available and want to do a certain mission, it will make it easier on myself and everyone to be able to free up time to help. As long as we have enough funds, we will also be doing a Dynamis run every week. Dynamis rules will be posted under the Dynamis Forum.

"Mini" Events: Not all events will be Pre-scheduled, so check the site often to keep track with whats going on. It is not mandatory to attend spontaneous events that I might shcedule an hour before hand, because of the short notice. You may also request events either here on the site under Event Request. The non-scheduled events will be like mini-quests to help ppl on missions, or go farming for ls funds or something along the lines of that

Last but not least: Feel free to ask myself or anyone else any one else questions. I believe that every question deserves an answer.

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Basic Rules of Elemental Damage
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