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 Zilart Mission 5: Headstones

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PostSubject: Zilart Mission 5: Headstones   Mon 27 Apr 2009, 3:11 pm

All but 4 headstones can be done solo for ZM5. Over the next 3 days (Mon, Tue, Wed) I will be helping everyone who needs headstones in a pick-up party to get these headstones done. The 4 that need at least 3 75s to do are: Yuhyunga Jungle (need to run through ifrit's cauldron), The Sanctuary of Zi'tah, Cape Terrigan, and Behemoth's Dominion. Some of these NM fights listed above can be soloed, depending on job with some difficulty.

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Zilart Mission 5: Headstones
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